Current Sensors

CS RELAY: Over-current and under-current sensing • Go-No Go sensing • Toroidal sensing provides complete isolation between sensed current and control circuit • Easy setting of trip point with unique combination of LED indicator, current adjustment and percentage potentiometers • Can switch up to 20 amps (1.5 HP) • Range of input voltages • Variable and fixed time delay • No heat sinking required

HCS SOLID STATE: High range over-current sensing, up to 60 amps • Toroidal sensing provides complete isolation between sensed current and output circuit • Choose factory-fixed trip point or variable setpoint with onboard potentiometer • Self-powered • Direct connection to Programmable Logic Control input


Current Sensor Relay

Current Sensor Relay
  • Over or under current sensing control
  • Toroidal sensor
  • Current sensor can handle up to 20 amp loads
  • Time delays up to 100 seconds


High Range Current Sensor Solid State

Anti-Short-Cycle (Lockout) Solid State Timer
  • High-range over current sensing control
  • Solid state output
  • Optional Delay On Make function prevents contactor hum
  • Factory-fixed or variable timing


High Current Sensor

HCSA High Current Sensor
  • Loop powered current transducer with 4–20mA linear output
  • Analog output isolated from sensed current input for safety
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • LED indicator shows output on

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