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A multitude of options, plus in-house engineering, and direct communication throughout development and testing, ensures success for the most innovative or specialized controls. We can combine features, functions, parameters and options from across our extensive product lines. Or create a one-of-a kind solution that meets your needs perfectly and sets your product apart. Rigorous quality standards are in place at every step: development, prototype, approval and of course, 100% testing before shipping.

Series: TH

Food Service Equipment

Cube Solid State Timer
  • Category: Cube Solid State Timer
  • Application: Dishwasher Control
  • Purpose: To precisely regulate the amount of detergent and sanitizer in a dishwasher.

Series: MC

Food Service Equipment

  • Category: Microprocessor
  • Application: Defrost Timer
  • Purpose: To provide an accurate method of defrosting refrigeration equipment.

Series: TG


Cube Relay Timer
  • Category: Cube Relay Timer
  • Application: Diode / Timer Module
  • Purpose: Provides a 10-second solid state signal to a panel light.

Series: TG

Shop Tools

Cube Relay Timer
  • Category: Cube Relay Timer
  • Application: Motor Safety Control
  • Purpose: To ensure operator safety in the case of power loss and sudden restarts.

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