True Off Delay

True Off

Application of the supply voltage energizes the output relay. The timing period begins upon removal of the supply voltage. At the conclusion of the timing period, the output relay is de-energized. Reapplication of input voltage before the delay expires resets the time period. Instantaneous Contact option: Application of supply voltage for a minimum of 100 milliseconds initiates time out. Instantaneous contact and timed contacts transfer. Upon removal of supply voltage, instantaneous contact drops out, and timed contacts remain closed for duration of selected time (off-delay) then drop out. Reapplication of power starts the cycle.


True Off Delay Cube Relay Timer

True Off Delay Cube Relay Timer
  • Compact 2" x 2" configuration
  • 10 amp relay output
  • Times out without voltage applied
  • Factory-fixed or variable timing


True Off Delay Plug-in Relay Timer

True Off Delay Plug-in Relay Timer
  • 11-pin Plug-in timer
  • Easy install; excellent field replacement timer
  • Timing contacts and instantaneous contacts
  • Factory-fixed or variable timing

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