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The below are 2 Meg potentiometers. The PT-2 has the most accurate electronic characteristics, and the PT-1 is more rugged. Each is supplied with a self-adhesive dial and KB-1 knob. Other styles of potentiometers may be available. Please consult with the factory.

PT-1 (Metal Bushing)


PT-2 (Plastic Bushing)



Mounting Brackets

MB-1   DB-1
This nickel plated steel bracket is for vertical mounting of TG, TH or TB series cube timers. Hardware for mounting timer to bracket included.   The DB-1 DIN rail adapter is made of acetal resin material. It is easily installed and needs no drilling or tapping.




Knurled black plastic knob.






TB-3   TB-2
For all 3.75" high cases   For all 2.75" high cases




DIN rail or panel mountable Electrical rating: 300 volts, 10 amps Molding: break resistant thermo plastic UL recognized, CSA certified

SL 608 (8-Pin Octal Socket)


SL 611 (11-Pin Magnal Socket)


SL 711 (.187 QC 11-Pin Socket)


Transient Suppressors:


40 Volts   150 and 270 Volts

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